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ShoeSpike Original

ShoeSpike Original

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Made of frost-free TR rubber. Suitable for a heel of 4 to 5 cm.

The ShoeSpike fits over almost all shoes and is available in different sizes. The ShoeSpike is only attached to the heel. This means that you can also use the SchoenSpike on the bike and in the car, compared to other anti-slip irons. Easy to attach using a leather Velcro mounting strap. The special profile of the sole including the hardened, robust metal nails provide extra grip. Includes reflector. The SchoenSpike does not guarantee absolute security. Always stay alert when it's slippery! The SchoenSpike can only be used outdoors. Effective and practical.

The SchoenSpike was developed by the VTT (institute for technical research).
Safety class 1: very good grip on slippery ice.

Available in 2 versions:
1. Shoe spike Original, made of frost-free TR (Thermoplastic) rubber.
2. Shoe spike Professional, made of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) in a bright yellow color and is anti-static. Has excellent resistance to oils, greases, low temperatures and wear. Very suitable for the working professional.

The material can withstand extreme cold without the ShoeSpike tearing or breaking.
Spikes are molded into the sole and made of hard metal.


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