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Heating blanket with Carbon Fiber technology

Heating blanket with Carbon Fiber technology

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Heating blanket with carbon fibers. Very light and thin material. The innovative Carbon (carbon) heat technology in these blankets has a number of advantages:

- large amount of heat can be stored and released
- Carbon fibers heat up faster and also consume less power to reach a certain temperature
- Carbon fibers are rustproof and durable

Low energy consumption: thanks to the adapter, the blanket already works on 12 Volts, unlike other heating blankets that often work on 230 V.

With the BOOST function, the maximum heat level is quickly switched on and maintained for 20 minutes.

Automatic heat regulation: if the blanket is set to a higher heat level, it automatically switches to heat level 1 after 2 hours.

- intense heat effect
- no problems with protruding cables, maximum comfort
- washable at 30 °C and suitable for the dryer
- stays in place thanks to the 4 rubber bands in the corners
- 4 heat levels
- 4 time intervals: 1 hour, 2 hours, 5 hours and 9 hours
- anti-static, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbiological and fire retardant material
- 100% polyester
- 60 Watts

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