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TENA Wet Wash Glove Freshly scented 8

TENA Wet Wash Glove Freshly scented 8

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Wet wash glove, comfortable and convenient
Soft, moist washcloth for daily body washing as a caring alternative to soap and water.
Ideal for people who are less mobile

Washing in bed is less stressful with TENA Wet Wash Gloves than with soap and water. Rinsing and drying is not necessary.

Soft and comfortable

Washcloth moistened with a soft, cleansing lotion. Can be heated in the microwave for extra comfort while washing the person you are caring for.

Hygienic and convenient

Single use washcloths.

Contributes to healthy skin

Helps maintain the skin's natural pH level. Without alcohol and soap.

Freshly perfumed

Keeps the skin fresh and free of odors.

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