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TENA Comfort Original Extra

TENA Comfort Original Extra

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Unique cup-shaped core for optimal comfort and protection against leakage

TENA Comfort has a unique cup-shaped core for a perfect fit. This leads to greater comfort for the user and ensures protection against leakage.

Designed for use with TENA Fix pants

By using TENA Fix pants you are assured of comfort and protection against leakage

Dermatologically tested

The entire incontinence product has been dermatologically tested to promote healthy skin.

Fast absorption and high-quality core provide comfort and dry feeling

The FeelDry technology quickly drains even large amounts of urine to the product core. The urine also remains under pressure in the core and away from the skin, increasing comfort. This is an important first step towards healthy skin.

The Odor Neutralizer reduces the effect of ammonia odors

The Odor Neutralizer reduces the effect of ammonia odors and thus provides a fresh feeling and more self-confidence.

Urine indicator shows when the product needs to be replaced

You do not need to remove the dressing to determine if replacement is necessary. The urine indicator on the outside of the product turns blue instead of yellow when it is time to replace. So one look at the urine indicator is sufficient.

Easy Select color coding for quick recognition of the desired absorption capacity

The absorption capacity of the incontinence product is indicated by color coding and clearly printed on the product and packaging to increase recognisability.

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