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Immedia SatinSheet Draw Sheet

Immedia SatinSheet Draw Sheet

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When the demand for care becomes more intensive, the SatinSheet base sheet can be combined with various models of draw sheets for a system with two or four sliding directions.

The draw sheet is placed on the base sheet with the Satin underside. The 4D draw sheet combined with the base sheet forms a system that provides movement in four directions. This draw sheet has handles and is suitable for use in combination with a lift.
Dimensions 200 x 140 cm.

Ironing improves the sliding ability. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.
Made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. The Satin part is made of 100% polyester.
Suitable for the dryer.

The SatinSheet system can be used for users with mild mobility limitations, but also for users who require intensive care.

- Can remain in bed permanently
- For independent or assisted use
- For turning and positioning in bed
- Brake strips on the sides prevent the user from sliding off the edge of the bed.
- Combine the base sheet with a draw sheet for a system with all sliding directions.
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