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RiJe Cup swallowing problems

RiJe Cup swallowing problems

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Especially for people with serious swallowing problems (dysphagia and motor disorders). The patented sip regulation system ensures that the preset amount of liquid is automatically released into the cup. Once the portion has been drunk from the cup and the cup is placed back upright, the cup will fill within 2-3 seconds. Can also be used with a straw.

- Large ergonomic handles provide a good grip
- Adjustable sip size from 3 to 15 ml
- Nose recess so you can drink without tilting your head back
- Suitable for cold and hot drinks (up to 32° C, not suitable for boiling water/drinks)
- Suitable for thin liquids. Not suitable for carbonated drinks.
- Contents maximum 250 ml of liquid. Range of the dosing mechanism: 50 - 250ml.
- Dishwasher safe
- Available in 2 colours: red and aqua
- Weight of the cup: 230 grams
- Dimensions: height 17.8 cm, diameter 10.8 cm. Handles: 10 x 3.8 cm
- Material: BPA free polypropylene with food grade silicone O-rings.

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