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Mobeli QuattroPower support

Mobeli QuattroPower support

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ROTH's patented Mobeli® system is a practical tool that can be used anywhere.
The ideal and most reliable solution for people who are not allowed or do not want to drill! All wall brackets are made of high-quality material. They have a very high adhesive force (suction cup diameter 120 mm). Easy to attach to a smooth, non-porous and flat surface. Mobeli® mobile wall brackets are easy to disassemble and take with you.

Mobeli® is continuously working on expanding its product range. Think of wall brackets, mobility aids, support systems, bath wall shorteners, bath brackets and accessories.

Safety indicator
The Mobeli® wall brackets are supplied with a safety indicator. A revolutionary development in which the vacuum position and thus the adhesive force are permanently measured and monitored. Once the safety indicator on the bracket rises, the bracket must be re-tightened. A safe feeling!
Also very suitable for people with limited vision, because the safety indicator is clearly tangible in the event of vacuum loss.

ISO quality mark
The Mobeli® mobile wall bracket has been tested according to the current ISO 17966: 2016 standard for medical devices. In the mobile wall brackets category, it is a requirement that mobile wall brackets are equipped with a safety indicator and also have a visible residual capacity. The Mobeli® wall brackets are the only mobile wall brackets in the world that meet these highest technical requirements.

User weight
Adhere to the maximum user weight as stated on the bracket. The mobile wall brackets have been developed to support natural movement. They are not designed to support full body weight.

The QuattroPower provides strong support exactly where you need it. Position the QuattroPower system, pull the tilt lever and you're done. Suitable for all smooth, non-porous surfaces. The QuattroPower support system with four suction cups is a special construction and reduces tensile and shear forces. Can even be mounted on hollow tiled walls. The QuattroPower is versatile and can be used in several ways. Because the system can be completely disassembled, the quattroPower can also be used as a long wall bracket or 2 smaller wall brackets. For detailed information see PDF documentation.
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