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Neo G Shoulder Brace

Neo G Shoulder Brace

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Neo G orthopedic support
These exclusive neoprene braces have been specially developed for preventive, supportive and rehabilitative use through unique variable compression techniques. Each model has a universal size.

The desired support, compression and comfort to prevent injuries during or after heavy exertion. Due to the super slim profile, all Neo G products can be worn under all circumstances: during rehabilitation, work and sports.
- a universal size for every injury
- unique variable compression techniques
- continuous heat therapy
- durable Velcro
- super slim profile
- always the desired customized support
- rubber and latex free

All Neo G products are CE and ISO 134852003 registered. Neo G developed these "1st Class Medical Devices" for the orthopedic and sports industry. VCS stands for Variable Compression Support. Every user can safely determine the correct compression without negative effects on blood circulation.

This shoulder brace provides compression, support and warmth for the shoulder joint without restricting its range of motion. By stabilizing the entire shoulder, the brace helps reduce tension on the shoulder capsule, ligaments and rotator cuff muscles. The heat-therapeutic neoprene helps keep the shoulder warm, allowing you to better deal with the pain and stiffness in the affected area. The brace promotes proper positioning of the shoulder joint after dislocation or subluxation injuries, and can help control excessive stretching or muscle overuse during rehabilitation. Suitable for the treatment of acute and chronic shoulder complaints, after operations and during recovery.

Universal size.

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