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LoFric Origo Sleeve one-time catheter Nelaton tip 40cm 30 pieces

LoFric Origo Sleeve one-time catheter Nelaton tip 40cm 30 pieces

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Lofric Origo Sleeve, disposable catheter with Nelaton tip, sleeve and integrated water sachet, from POBE with PVP coating; for non-touch intermittent (self) catheterization.

The sterile 1-way catheter is made of POBE (polyolefin based elastomer) and provided with a hydrophilic coating with PVP. This can be activated directly using the sterile saline solution (NaCl) in the water sachet, which is integrated in the packaging. To activate the catheter, simply squeeze the sachet. The peel-open packaging is easy to open, even with limited hand function, by means of the loop in the label. The catheter can be hung on a dry and clean surface using the adhesive strip on the back of the packaging.
The catheter has a Nelaton tip and 2 laterally placed, rounded and smooth catheter eyes. There is a folded dry sleeve on the colored cone, which unfolds over the entire catheter when the catheter is removed from the packaging by the cone. The sleeve ensures that the catheter is not touched during insertion (non-touch).
The packaging can be used as a disposable bag for the catheter. The catheter can be rolled up into a pocket size, making it easy to carry. The catheter does not contain PVC, phthalates or latex and is for single use.


  • one-time catheter

  • Nelaton tip

  • POBE with PVP coating

  • sleeve

  • 2 rounded, smooth catheter eyes

  • integrated sachet with sterile water and NaCl

  • can be activated immediately

  • Can be rolled up compactly

  • length 40cm

  • single use

  • sterile

Lofr orig cath tie ch12 40c 4451265


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