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Propeaq Light Therapy Glasses

Propeaq Light Therapy Glasses

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The Propeaq light therapy glasses can be used for:

Sleep & winter blues
• Sleep well to support your health
• Increase the quality of your night's sleep
• Increase your energy in dark days
• Improve your sleep rhythm

Night work & rhythm
• Healthier living
• No dip during night shifts
• Avoid jet lag

Sports & timing
• Adjust your biological clock for peak performance
• Peak at the right time
• Optimal performance

The blue light of the Propeaq can suppress the sleep hormone melatonin. It affects your sleep and wake rhythm. The orange lenses, on the other hand, will be the natural ones
stimulate melatonin production so that you can sleep easier.

  • Easy operation
  • High wearing comfort
  • With handy compact storage case, easy to take with you
  • Rechargeable via any USB port
  • Extra removable orange glasses for sleep improvement
  • With 2 free Apps for Android and iOS:
    Propeaq – the app for personal instructions to prevent jet lag
    Propeaq Shiftwork – the app for personal instructions to combat the dip during the night shift.

Use to combat winter blues:
Wear the blue light glasses for 30 minutes in the morning, immediately after getting up.
Use for an energy boost:
Wear the blue light glasses for 30 minutes during the day, but not after 8 p.m.
For more information, consult the free Propeaq App.

Contents : Propeaq glasses, light blue and orange glasses, storage case, charger and micro USB cable.
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