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Indoor Threshold Aid

Indoor Threshold Aid

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These threshold aids optimize accessibility and mobility in homes and buildings. Practical, effective and affordable. The aluminum threshold profiles and aids have a sophisticated shape and have a non-slip surface. The ribbed non-slip surface is easy to keep clean. If desired, the threshold profiles and aids can be adjusted to the desired size. The aluminum has a very scratch-resistant surface and therefore remains beautiful for a long time.

Adjustable leg set
If it is not possible to remove the old threshold, you can opt for a threshold aid that is placed against the existing threshold. The threshold aid is a patented modular system for bridging height differences of 1.5 to 3 cm. The height can be adjusted in various ways: with the supplied leg set or by attaching the threshold aid to the threshold with screws.

Connector set
The ramp length of the threshold aid can be doubled to 270 mm by connecting 2 threshold aids with a connector set. This allows the height difference to be bridged to be increased to a maximum of 5 cm. The maximum load is 300 kg.

Other sizes and colors are available on order.
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