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Etac Molift Raiser Pro

Etac Molift Raiser Pro

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The Molift Raiser Pro ensures a simple, proactive and safe transfer of the client and eases the work of caregivers.

Natural movement pattern
The Molift Raiser Pro gives the client the opportunity to use his own muscle strength during the transfer. The natural movement pattern is stimulated and the ergonomic design ensures that the client feels safe. Molift Raiser Pro is easy to use.

Transfer in small space
The Molift Raiser Pro is stable and can rotate on its own axis, making it easy to maneuver, ideal in small spaces. Molift Raiser Pro provides safe and active support during a short transfer.

Suitable for all healthcare institutions
The Molift Raiser Pro helps rehabilitate clients in a healthcare institution or during a transfer. The client can improve his balance when sitting and standing up. Molift Raiser Pro always provides safe support.

Ergonomic grip
The soft handle provides an optimal, comfortable and versatile grip. Various grip options for supervisors and users.

Comfortable knee support
Soft rotating knee support that follows the movement from sitting to standing. Can be easily adjusted with one hand.

Base plate
The base plate has a curved side so that the client can easily get close to the toilet.
Low base plate 35 mm. Includes four swivel wheels, two of which have central brakes.
Easily release the brake, both left and right with one foot, safe and functional.

Separate accessories (sling) available.
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