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CAMEL Lifting Cushion

CAMEL Lifting Cushion

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The Camel is a compact lifting cushion and works on a battery. Specially designed for caregivers to lift persons from the ground in a safe and dignified manner. The lifting cushion reduces the risks of moving and lifting patients and reduces the risk of injury for healthcare professionals. After use, deflate the pillow, fold it and store it in its bag. Easy to take with you. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The Camel is a complete lift with a built-in back support. This allows people to be lifted with full support. The fallen person only needs to be moved minimally and the caregiver is optimally relieved. The Camel is used in nursing homes, emergency services, residential centers, hospitals, emergency services and community care.

Maximum user weight: 320 kg.
Depth of the seat: 47 cm.
Total height: 112 cm.
Width: 70 cm.
Cushion weight: 3.6 kg.
Compressor weight: 6 kg.
Seat height: 56 cm.

Height of back and headrest: 81 cm. gray


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