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Happy Legs

Happy Legs

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The Happylegs automatic walking trainer improves the health of people who sit for hours on end and do not have much exercise. Your legs are massaged by the movement of the device. This stimulates natural circulation and body movement while you sit. Happylegs has 3 speeds.

Cardiologists recognize the effectiveness of this device in the treatment of diabetes, reduced mobility, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. Also ideal for use during sedentary work. Can also be used in combination with a pacemaker or if you suffer from chronic heart disease
vascular disorders.

We recommend using Happylegs for 30 to 40 minutes in the morning and another session later in the day.

• strengthens and trains the leg muscles
• restores joint mobility
• reduces swollen legs, knees and feet

Available in 2 variants: Classic and Premium (including remote control).
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