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Frau Kettner plate

Frau Kettner plate

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Eating independently – with just one hand!

This multifunctional plate for one-handed use helps you cut, spread and eat every meal. The plate gives you the opportunity to eat independently and without help from others.

Easy cutting and spreading
The arrangement of the pins allows food to be clamped and held in place in a variety of ways while cutting and spreading with a knife. The board contains different cutting areas for various sizes of food.

High edge and sloping bottom
Small pieces of food can be picked up using the high edge. Liquids collect in the lowest part so they can be absorbed more easily.

Non-slip, stackable and dishwasher safe
The silicone ring at the bottom and the weight of the plate (730 grams) ensure that the plate stands firmly on the table. The specially shaped bottom makes the board stackable.

Break- and scratch-resistant material
Made of melamine. The material is food safe, break and scratch resistant, BPA-free and dishwasher safe. The board is durable and of high quality. The material meets all hygiene requirements for hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Not suitable for oven or microwave.

Plate diameter: 25.5 cm
Maximum height: 3.15 cm
Made in Germany

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