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Elite Seat Packaway

Elite Seat Packaway

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This lightweight aluminum walking stick with seat offers optimal support while walking.
Got tired? In an instant you can transform the walking stick into a seat so that you can rest wherever you want. The walking sticks with seat are intended for people who can keep their balance. For more balance, use a seat with three or four legs.

The Elite Seat Packaway is a foldable walking stick with a seat including two
different caps for use on both
soft and hard surfaces. Including waterproof
shoulder bag to carry the walking stick.
The Elite Seat Packaway has a sturdy saddle-shaped seat. The stick has the same color as the seat.

Height adjustable from 81.5 – 92.5 cm.
Seat height 73.5 – 81.5 cm.

Available in green and black.

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