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Carbon Ultralight (including bag)

Carbon Ultralight (including bag)

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Carbon Ultralight rollator: ultra light, ergonomic and modern

It's never too late for travel or for walks in the park. The Carbon Ultralight is the lightest rollator in the world. This makes this rollator possible to move anywhere. The rollator is easy to use. Transport is also no problem with this lightweight rollator. The Danish design also provides a sleek appearance.

A nice upright posture thanks to this lightweight rollator

The Carbon Ultralight weighs 4.8 kg. This makes the rollator very easy to use and transport. The lightweight rollator is made of a carbon fiber frame, which provides extra strength. Thanks to the handles that face forward, you can walk straighter with this rollator and avoid back problems. The soft rubber of the PUR tires provide comfort and absorb shocks. A simple knob system allows you to adjust the height of the handles. For both design and safety, the brake cables are hidden in the frame of the rollator.

Buy Carbon Ultralight lightweight rollator

The Carbon Ultralight rollator is available in black, red, beige, blue and green. You can also choose from a standard model with a seat width of 42 cm and a wide model with a seat width of 47 cm.

Are the handles not high enough? You can always order extra long cables so that the handles can be higher:

  • Extends the handle height by 2 holes in 2 cm increments, a total increase of 4 cm
  • The lowest possible position of the handle also increases by 4 cm because the handle cannot be placed in the 2 lowest positions
  • The maximum load is reduced to 110 kg when the handle is in the 2 highest positions.

  • Weight: 4.8kg
  • Height: 79-91 cm or 83-95 cm
  • Length: 66 cm
  • Width: 63 cm or 67.5 cm
  • Seat width: 42 cm or 47 cm
  • Distance between handles: 35.5 cm or 40.5 cm
  • Height of rollator handles: 80cm - 95cm
  • Seat height: 60 cm
  • Maximum load: 130 kg
  • Seat depth: 20 cm


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