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Duo Deluxe: Rollator and Wheelchair

Duo Deluxe: Rollator and Wheelchair

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The Aidapt VP184 duo deluxe is a 2-in-1 rollator wheelchair with an attractive modern and hip design. With this model it is possible to use it as a regular walker, but also as a wheelchair due to the comfortable seat and fold-out footrests.

2-in-1 rollator wheelchair with soft wheels

The VP184 is equipped with ergonomic handles, cable-operated brakes with built-in parking brake, walking stick holder, shopping bag and a back support that can be used from both the front and the back. The 2-in-1 rollator is ideal for traveling or a day out, is made of weight-saving material and is easily foldable to easily take with you in a car or bus.


• Height-adjustable handles
• Expandable footrests
• Easy to operate cable brakes
• Quickly foldable with carrying handle

• Ergonomic handles
• Shopping bag
• Walking stick holder
• Comfortable back support
• Soft seat usable from front and back
• Handle height 840-970 mm
• Maximum carrying weight: 120kg
• Depth 980 mm
• Width 620 mm
• Seat depth 320 mm
• Seat width 435 mm
• Wheel diameter 203 mm
• Weight 8.8 KG

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