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KlikAanKlikUit - Socket switch ACC-2300

KlikAanKlikUit - Socket switch ACC-2300

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KlikAanKlikUit Wireless control
Whether it concerns dimming your lighting, securing your home or operating your shutters. With the home automation products from KlikAanKlikUit you can easily add wireless comfort
to your home.

• Affordable and easy to install
• Create endless combinations
• Current installation remains operational

For wireless control you need at least one transmitter and one receiver. Or start with one
set for your own Smart Home system.

Socket switch
Compact socket switch for indoor use to switch lamps/devices on and off wirelessly.

  • Can be plugged into any socket indoors
  • Works with all lamps/devices up to 2,300 watts
  • Compact design that does not block nearby electrical outlets
  • Child protection

This product comes with a Dutch description and manual. The multilingual variant has a different article code: TR71181.

This product comes with the description and user guide in Dutch. The multilingual alternative has a different product code: TR71181.

This product is four years old with a description and a fashion for employment in the Netherlands. La variant multilingue a un code d'article différent: TR71181.

This is the product of our manual description and English idiom. El variante multilingual tene en código de artículo diferente: TR71181.
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